Monday, October 27, 2008

Getting Into the Halloween Spirit

We had fun making bats out of construction paper and pom poms.

We added a face to our pumpkins to make jack-o-lanterns. We laminated them and made them into placemats.

We played a fun game called letter swat. We gave two kids a fly swatter and told them a letter. The first one to swat the correct letter with thier fly swatter was the winner. We played this a few times. They loved it.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Falling Into Fall

One of our favorite crafts this week was the leaf imprints. We made some clay, and then pressed a leaf into it to make an imprint. We then painted our imprint with watercolor paint. We had a great time.
We made some scarecrow file folders with the letters A-M. The kids each took home a baggie of letters to practice matching on the scarecrow at home.

We traced some leaves, and the kids used watercolor paints to make their leaves colorful and unique.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Last week, we learned about transportation. We discussed ways that we get from one place to another. The kids made a collage of vehicles that go on the road. They enjoy learning new things!
Our favorite project this week was making trucks out of graham crackers, cheerios, frosting, and peanut butter cookies. They love to make anything that involves food!

Tristan's Birthday!

Tristan turned 4 this week! We had some cupcakes, and played a few games to celebrate.