Wednesday, October 14, 2009

As part of our Clifford unit we made Clifford hats. They loved pretending to be little puppies.

All About Me

For the first week of preschool, we learned all about ourselves, our homes, and our families. We also did some letter A activities. Overall it was a great first week!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

For St. Patrick's Day, we made Leprechaun Finders to help us catch a leprechaun. We recited the poem as we looked for it all over the house.
The leprechaun left green glitter and footprints where he had been.

Finally, we caught our leprechaun and kept him in a paper sack so that he would not escape. Wyatt found the pot of gold that he left, and everyone took some home. We had a pretty fun day.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Community Helpers

This past week, we learned about the different types of people that work in our community. On Wednesday, we had everyone dress as what they want to be when they grow up. It was so fun to see everyone all dressed up. Matthew dressed as a teacher.
Jett dressed as a Jamba Juice worker, and brought Jamba Juice for the entire class!
Leah was a pop star.
Shelby dressed up as a dancer.
Brianna was a music teacher.
Aiden was a firefighter.
Bailey dressed as a Ballerina.
Olivia was dressed as a Salsa Dancer.
We learned all about what a Mailman does. We made our own letters that will be sent to our houses. We also got to take home Mailman puppets.

On Friday, we made our own communities with buildings, roads, and cars. We had so much fun learning about Community Helpers.

Zoo Animals

During this unit, we learned all about animals that live at the Zoo. We had so much fun making zoo puppets and sugar cookies.

Music Time

The kids love to dance and sing! They each have their own music mat where they can show off their moves. Some of their favorite songs are Simeon Says, Hokey Pokey, and Pop Goes the Weasel.

Play Time

This is everyone's favorite part of the day. The kids all play together so well.


Each week, we break up into centers where the kids can practice letter recognition and sounds, reading short words, and fine motor skills.

Under the Sea

We made crabs to keep on the fridge . We used clothespins for the pinchers where the kids can display their artwork. They turned out so cute.

We had so much fun making our ocean in a bottle. We gathered sand from the backyard, added seashells, and then poured in water with blue food coloring. Our water turned out a little blue, but the kids still had fun making them.

For one of our acitvities, we read a story about a rainbow fish and then made our own rainbow fish. Everyone did such a great job!